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4 Day Split Title Card.jpg

Each Workout consists of:

  • 20 - 30 minutes of Cardio

  • 30 - 40 minutes of Strength Training 

Each workout is coupled to maximize both Fat Burning capabilities and further tax muscle groups that were used during the Cardio portion.

Meant to be done as 1 Workout and 1 Series, doing all four of these videos gives you a plan of exercise for the week.

However, You Can Break These Up Into 4 Short Cardio Classes and 4 Short Strength Classes for 8 Days Worth of Workouts.

On Demand 4 Day Split

4 Day Split I Kickboxing & Legs.jpg
4 Day Split I Boxing, Biceps, Triceps.jpg
4 Day Split 1 HiLo Chest Back.jpg
4 Day Split 1 StepShoulders.jpg
4 Day Split II Step, Chest & Triceps.jpg
4 Day Split II Mish Mash, Legs & Shoulders.jpg
4 Day Split II Kickboxing & Core.jpg
4 Day Split II HiLo, Back & Biceps.jpg
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