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About Erika Hetrick

I Have Been a Fitness Instructor Since the Age of 15, So Ten Years Now 

  • I Started Teaching at Momentum in Madison and Images in Chester and Westbrook

  • At College, I Continued To Teach Classes at the Sports Complex at Stonehill

  • After College, My First Job Was At The Fitness Edge as a Full Time Sales & Service Staff Member, But I Also Taught Fitness Classes in Both the Fairfield and Stratford Locations

  • In 2003 When I Moved Back to Guilford (Born & Raised!), I Began Teaching at the Guilford Parks & Rec Fitness Program.  I Developed the Kickboxing and HIIT Classes and Brought Many New Formats to the Program.

    • During COVID, I Began Filming My Workouts In An Effort To Keep My Participants Engaged, Both Mentally and Physically.  I​ Think They Helped Me More Than I Helped Them!!

    • Post COVID, I Decided To Keep My Online Library Available as Well as Go Out On My Own So That I Could Offer a Class Schedule and Pricing Structure That Was a Little Less Antiquated and Beneficial to Everyone.

                (You Hear a Lot of Feedback Over 20 Years at One Place!)

And As a Result, Fitness With Erika Was Born!


Things You Should Know

  • My Classes Are Traditional Group Fitness Classes:

    • Classes Are Guided With Both Verbal and Visual Cueing Designed To Keep You Moving and Engaged For The Duration of Our Time Together

    • With The One Exception of "Last Class" Circuit, There are No Stations or Round Robins, and You Are Never Left to Your Own Devices To Just Do Whatever.  We Do Everything Together.  

  • I ALWAYS Do Everything With You, Demonstrate Form Pointers (Do's and Don'ts in Real Time), and Show Modifications Along The Way.

    • I Will NEVER Just Stand There and Bark Orders At You While I Do Nothing!

  • I Will Never Call You Out, Walk Over To You In The Middle of Class, or Engage In Such Practices That May Cause You To Feel Singled Out, Awkward, Uncomfortable, or Otherwise Unmotivated To Return

  • I May Not Be a Good Fit For You - AND THAT'S OK!  You Have Many Choices Out There.  You Need To Choose a Path That Keeps You Motivated.  And If It's Not With Me, We Can Still Be Friends!

Now Let's Get Started!

Buy More and Save.  In Person Classes as low as $5 and On Demand Workout Library as low as $1.50
Buy More and Save.  In Person Classes as low as $5 and On Demand Workout Library as low as $1.50
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